Cinta Vidal “We shouldn’t see the world through one single prism”

Impars and the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture have joined forces to bring Cinta Vidal’s talent to the walls of our university. As of May, the façade of the Aula Magna and the gate to the entrance of the Barcelona Campus will grace large murals symbolising the concept of university as a space for generating knowledge. We spoke to her about her career and her project for UIC Barcelona.

Carla Cascales Alimbau“If you truly believe, you inevitably reflect who you are”

Carla Cascales Alimbau is the artist chosen by “Impars” to create the trophies for the WeCare Festival. Her creation consists of three irregular glass spheres, which, in turn, include three small wooden spheres. The glass represents the energy each person gives of, while the wood is associated with the denser, material aspects of the human body. If anyone is capable of portraying the fragile nature of the end of life represented by the WeCare Awards, it is Carla Cascales Alimbau.

Roser Matas “With perseverance and rigour, inspiration can be trained”

Roser Matas is the artist chosen by “Impars” to create the 2018 UIC Barcelona Christmas Card. The work consists of an adaptation of the “Adoration of the Shepherds” (1505-1510), by Giorgione, in which Roser’s characters visit the adoration through a technique known as photocomposition. She decided to name her reinterpretation “Visiting the Adoration of the Shepherd’s”.

Mar de la Llave “Art is to bring us closer to explaining the inexplicable”

Graphic designer. Barcelona, 1992. Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and a Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects from the Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. She has worked on projects of Editorial Design, Identity, Website, Typography, Digital and Art Direction. She has given conferences at FIU Bcn at DHUB Barcelona and Blanc Festival 2014.

Mar was the first “Impars” artist. She was commissioned to design the 2016 Christmas card, an original 40 x 40 cm digital collage.